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The quickship symbol is on the colour reference page and it is a QS with wings located under the specific colour on the dimensions and colour page for each planter style. A picture of the quickship symbol is available in the Crescent Garden Collection section on the first page. Quickship items are stocked and inventoried colours. The quickship colours vary from each planter style. While we stock some non-quickship colours in various styles, those that we do not stock can be ordered but they are considered a special order. Special orders have a 15% surcharge and require a minimum quantity of 12 units per SKU. If ordering below the minimum there will be a 25% surcharge. Please allow 6-12 weeks for delivery, depending on the season. There is a 50% deposit required for all special orders.

Some planters have a custom saucer that will be noted in the drop-down menu on each planter style's ordering page. If there is no custom saucer indicated please note the planter's base size on the "view product dimensions and colors" link,  and then choose the appropriate saucer on the universal saucer page at the end of the garden planter section. Click on the Saucer title above for a quick link to the saucer page.

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